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Thermography for the Medical Professional

EIC's ThermArray thermographic solution is the product of years of work designing tools tuned specifically to the needs of medical professionals who use thermograms in their work. Supporting a wide variety of cameras, including products from FLIR and IRRIS, ThermArray thermography software is ideal for your thermographic needs.

ThermArray, formally known as MedArray, is designed for image collection and initial comparison and review. By allowing the collective viewing of related thermograms, ThermArray allows you to assemble a complete thermogram array for analysis, with a variety of simple tools available for preliminary investigation.

ThermArray Advanced, formally known as Thermosoft II, includes all of the features of our ThermArray thermography software, and incorporates more sophisticated analysis tools. Persistent annotations and data highlights created with ThermArray Advanced allow easier recognition of data important for interpretation, and arrays annotated with ThermArray Advanced may be viewed using the normal ThermArray software.

Together, ThermArray and ThermArray Advanced offer an excellent combination for any medical professional who may need a comprehensive solution for their thermography lab.

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